The Atlantis Land, the Educational Tourism and Greatest Family Entertainment in Surabaya

Lately, there are more family educational and entertainment attractions built in Surabaya. One of them is Atlantis Land, which is located in the same area as the previously famous Kenpark. The exact location is on Jl. Kenjeran, Kalahan Sukolilo, Bulak District, Surabaya City, East Java Province.

The most magnificent tourist attraction

Many say that Atlantis Land is the grandest tourist destination in Surabaya. This is indeed a real fact, the building has a very large size with a style of architectural design that is so beautiful and spectacular full of luxury and looks very glamorous.

Every visitor who comes to this place will surely feel as if he were in a fairy tale. The interior and space of the building are decorated with lights that always glow in a sparkling light.

This family tourism destination is built on a land with size reaches 15 hectares. The building is dominated by yellow and blue and has a high roof. Its appearance looks very handsome, like a palace building. Therefore, this area is often used as a spot to take pictures and selfie by visitors.

The Game rides and tourist spots

Inaugurated and firstly opened to the general public on December 23, 2017, Atlantis Land has a variety of game rides. Most of the games are mostly water games intended for children, teenagers and adults.

Besides that, Atlantis Land is also equipped with several tourist spots; one of them is the Atlantis Land Museum. There are also dancing fountain attractions and various other interesting shows. The tourists can also enjoy some sports facilities such as indoor futsal, fitness center and so on.

To enter the educational and entertainment attractions of the Atlantis Land family, the ticket price is 125 thousand rupiah for adult visitors and 100,000 rupiah for children. Especially for tourists who are still under two years old, there is no need to pay for a ticket.

Atlantis Land is always operating every day from 10:00 a.m until 22:00 p.m. From the center of Surabaya, this destination is approximately 8 km away and only takes about 30 minutes to get to the destination.

The access is not too difficult; you can use private vehicles or public transportation. Accommodation matters, especially for tourists from outside the area are also easy. There are so many hotels in Surabaya with its location close to Atlantis Land; even some are only a few hundred meters away.