The Amazing Sensation Trying The Delicious Sate Lisidu from Surabaya

For the travelers that often visiting Surabaya maybe are familiar with the culinary of Sate Lisidu. This culinary was created by Mr.Istianto on 1997.

This mas is a charming and unique man that is known for his ponytail hair and his humble personality. He wants to make a culinary that become an icon of Surabaya. This culinary must have a special taste and can be bought by every people.

The History of Sate Lisidu

Warung Sate Lisidu starts it activities from the simple place. Sate Lisidu started to sell it culinary in office garage. Because in the monetery crisis in 1997 Mr. Istianto must closed his pharmacy business.

Since then he tried to open culinary business that has become his favorite thing since he was a child. That time was become the start point of the Sate Lisidu success and it become more success in few years.

This time Sate Lisidu is under the management of Mr. Istianto two sons. They have a good detemination , they want to make this culinary as an icon of Surabaya culinary.

The History of Lisidu Name

The name of Lisidu was created by accident. The name was inspired by the license number of Mr Istianto Car. The number is L ISS1 DU that read as Lisidu. From this number the people is making LISIDU stand for Liat Sini Dulu.

This culinary was inspired by Sate Ponorogo that is served in flat meat. This way of cooking is make the season is more easily blended with the meat. This culinary is made of chicken and has some variants. The customer can choose the part of the chicken such as skin, thigh, wing, breast and etc.

One thing that makes Sate Lisidu different with other sate is the winding technique. This culinary is winded from down to upside. This technique is making the sate clean from charcoal.

The peanut sauce is also different with the others. The peanut is Tuban peanut that is roasted with sweet flavor. The other season is also the best.

The Flat Chicken Meat

Sate Lisidu consist from some pieces of flat chicken meats that were cooked before it grilled. That technique is making the seasons are stronger in the meat. One Sate Lisidu is only consisted from one chicken part that make the customer can choose which part that want to be grilled.

Garang Asem Menu

Beside Sate Lisidu, this restaurant also has another menu that is Grang Asem. This culinary is made from chicken meat, chili, coconut milk that covered in banana leaf then stewed. This is a very delicious culinary that has reasonable price.