Admire the Grandeur and Beauty of Tian Ti Pagoda in Surabaya

In Surabaya, precisely in the Kenjeran Park tourist area, there is a building that looks beautiful and majestic, named Tian Ti Pagoda. The name of this cultural tourism object, if translated into Indonesian has the meaning of Langit Bumi and in English is called Sky World. The location is on Jalan Sukolilo 100, Kalurahan Sukolilo Baru, Bulak District, Surabaya City, East Java Province.

The Replica of the Temple of Heaven China

Pagona Tian Ti has a height of 58 meters with a building diameter of 60 meters. The construction elements are made of steel. This round and large size building is a replica of the Temple of Heaven or Tian Tan building located in Beijing City, China.

Thus, the tourists do not need to wonder when they see the exact same shape. Starting from ornaments, the size of the name to the color, nothing is different. There is only one difference; Tian Ti Pagoda is in Indonesia, while the Temple of Heaven is located in China.

The Activity

When visiting Tian Ti Pagoda, tourists will not find something special but the beauty of the building. The space in the pagoda is empty and there is no activity held at that place. The building that was completed in 2010 was only made with the aim of beautifying the Kenjeran Park tourist area.

However, Tian Tin Pagoda still has a very special appeal in the eyes of travelers. Every day, there are always tourists who come to visit it. Not even a few of them come from abroad. They are very impressed and interested in the beauty that radiates from every part of the element.

Because there is nothing to find, the main activity that can be done at Tian Ti Pagoda is to take pictures and have selfies while enjoying the uniqueness of the building. The uniqueness of this building is what makes this cultural attraction also often used as a background for preweding sessions by some travelers.

To enter the Tian Ti Pagoda, the tourists are not charged for a ticket fee or free. The fee that must be spent to visit it is only in the form of parking fees, amounting to Rp. 3,000 per vehicle.

For its own access, Tian Ti Pagoda is a tourist attraction that is very easy to visit, both with private vehicles and public transportation. For tourists who come from other regions, it will not also be difficult to think about accommodation matters. There are dozens of hotels in Surabaya which are located close to Kenjeran Park, where the Tian Ti Pagoda stands.